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Use-Cases for Civic-Tech and Participatory Government

Mark-a-Spot's flexibility makes it easy to deploy platforms in different scenarios. Do you want to learn more about the organisations who use the software in different scenarios?

Idea Management

Collect location-based ideas in your city's neighboorhoods, e.g places for bike racks and new transit stops.

Collaborative Open Data

Citizen collect datasets and publish them directly as Open Data via the built-in Open311 Server. Integrates seamlessly with existing 311 applications

Citizen collaboration

Public civic-issue tracking: Citicens report infrastructural problems like potholes or downed trees

Civic particpation

Participatory budgeting and resource-allocation: Let citizens discuss and vote on location-based proposals in an urban planning context.

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Adoption Worldwide

Mark-a-Spot has been used in NGO projects (World Bank Group for Maputo), city adminstrations like Munich and Cologne (Germany), civic society projects and newspapers (Süddeutsche Zeitung, Stavanger Aftenblad). For a full list of implementations and case studies, get in touch!

City of Munich, Germany
City of Cologne, Germany
City of Bonn, Germany
Süddeutsche Zeitung
World Bank Group
City of Jena, Germany
City of Krefeld, Germany